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Bolder Rocks aims to engage, inspire and share knowledge about menopause and perimenopause, ensuring women continue to rock at every stage of life. So we find and curate the finest products to support personal comfort, emotional confidence and continued curiosity in the beauty of being older. 

Dr Zara Quail

Zara is a perimenopausal woman who hasn’t had enough fun yet. She’s mad about music and her fantasy is to be a rockstar one day. Actually, she is already, in her own eyes anyway😊 She is also an accomplished medical writer and a medical doctor-at-large who has worked in South Africa, the UK and Ireland. She has particular interests in healthy living, lifestyle medicine, women’s health and asset-based approaches to health and well-being.

Lala Quail

Lala believes that a life lived not having fun, is a life not worth living. So, ever in the pursuit of a good laugh, you can find her dancing around crowds and giggling whilst playing cards. Apart from being a fun instigator, she also designs things, both physical and digital and finds solace in the joys of culture; from art, to music, to objects, to an expertly crafted puppy meme. 

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