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Curious about Menopause?

Menopause has become a hot topic lately, and about bloody time too. With women spending about 40% of their lives in menopause, it’s surprising it’s only taking centre stage now. 

Menopause starts officially 12 months after your last natural period. The transitional phase until that time is the perimenopause. Most women enter menopause between 45 to 55 with age 51 being the average age.

Menopause is likely best known for its hot flashes and night sweats but these vasomotor symptoms are not the only band members. The hormonal changes coursing through the blood stream in menopause naturally have downstream effects including thinning and dryness of the skin and vagina, changes to the menstrual cycle and sleep and impacts on weight, metabolism and mood. Some women also describe how cognition is impacted by a “brain fog” setting in. The once prominent libido may head back stage and muscle aches and headaches may present themselves without the excuse of a hard rocking night out.

While many a menopausal woman has made the transition quietly with grace and dignity, I fear it has been at the expense of quality of life. While being post-menopausal is an empowering phase when many women are entering their prime in terms of achievement, intellect and not giving as much of a f*ck, symptoms and shifts do bring some discomfort. Thankfully there are now many fem-focused brands and products here to support your comfort, confidence and indeed even a little curiosity. Join us as we explore what’s on offer on this rocking Stage of Life.