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Rocking the Perimenopause

Imagine you are a band manager, and your body and your oestrogen are a fabulous rock duo who have played main stages and auditoriums all over the world. Perimenopause is a transitional stage in a woman’s life when oestrogen starts to take a step back on the hormone main stage. This retreat leaves you and your body to perform more rocking guitar solos with less backing support from your stage buddy, oestrogen.

Body protests as oestrogen heads back stage

When so many body systems have been such a big fan of oestrogen for so long, the reduced volume of oestrogen leaves the body’s organs protesting through various symptoms. The reproductive system manifests this change through irregular menstrual periods, drying of the previously moist vaginal surfaces and often a reduced sex drive. Temperature regulation shouts for more oestrogen with hot flashes, night sweats and chills. The brain may develop a bit of a funk with changes in mood and difficulty sleeping. Someone left the rock stage smoke machine on too long resulting in “brain fog”. The previously perky tits may start to look a bit faded, and our old friend weight gain joins the party. That reduced volume is also seen in the hair and skin as things start to dry out a bit. Aches and pains in the muscles, joints (no that’s limb joints) and head don’t need the excuse of a weekend of hard-rock partying to present themselves.

Support for changing hormonal dynamics

These changing hormonal dynamics may result in milder symptoms for some women, but more noticeable for others. Like all good rock duos, every one is different and the band manager (you) may employ different strategies to restore the balance and harmony, as best as can be done when dealing with rebellious rock stars. Like all things in life, there is the option to “watch & wait” to see how things settle. But if the body’s protesting symptoms are negatively impacting on your quality of life, then there are plenty of options to soothe, moisten and manage symptoms with adjustments to lifestyle, clothing, topical products, equipment, supplements and pharmaceutical options which are available at each stage of this rock festival of life transition. As band manager, you might get in some additional professionals to tutor and advise the band members, or where necessary prescribe the right solutions or treatments for the time. In my band, my family doctor is our band’s biggest promoter and I’ll be consulting them when it’s time to turn up the oestrogen volume with some safely prescribed hormone replacement therapy (HRT). For those who don’t or can’t take HRT, there are still plenty of other options to restore hormone harmony and get back into a funky rhythm. We’re sharing all those good vibes on the beauty of being (b)older weekly at Bolder Rocks so please do sign up for our newsletter

Until then, keep rocking Sisters!