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Slippery when Wet? (not anymore)

Dry symptoms of perimenopause and menopause.

Every night when I go to bed, I apply my lubricants. No, not the sexy one’s you’re thinking of. Eye drops, nasal spray, moisturiser and a sip of water. It seems my surfaces are drying up like a wet sponge in the Saharan Desert. And that’s just the surfaces above my expanding waistline.

So why does everything start to dry up as we slide the not so slippery slope towards menopause? It’s our old rock buddy, oestrogen who’s turning down the volume so our mucous membranes can’t hear their favourite hormonal rock star so well. The mucous membranes are the moist inner linings of our eyelids, nose, mouth, vagina and body organs like our bladder, lungs, stomach, intestines too. Also called the mucosa, these membranes start to lose their sexy sheen as the glands that produce moist and slippery mucous slow down production. It’s this mucous that helps protect the surfaces from irritation, injury and infection. Like a well-worn pair of glittery spandex leggings, the surfaces also start to lose their shine and elasticity and become a little less stretchy.

Oestrogen, say what?

Oestrogen is like a good band manager, promoting a smooth jam session and reducing friction between the members. But when the mucous membranes start to thin out, the affected areas become more prone to being rubbed up the wrong way and become annoyed or inflamed. Those surfaces can become itchy, irritated, sore or downright burning. Really not the kind of hot stuff we were hoping for as we head into our sex and rock n’ roll prime.

So, if oestrogen is turning down the volume, what are the options to get a bit of “slip ‘n slide” back into the mucous membranes? Two options really: “outside in” or “inside out”.

Outside in

For now, I’m doing mostly “outside in” by applying lubricants and moisturisers to support the wetness of my membranes as I rock the perimenopause.

Drops and sprays

I use good viscous eye drops at night to add some moisture to my eyelids when I am not blinking and carry some lighter lubricating eye drops during the day. Nasal sprays with plain saline or those with additional moisturising ingredients can provide relief for dry noses.


A good skin moisturiser not only helps to hydrate the skin but also helps improve the skin barrier. I use a relaxing lavender-infused skin moisturiser for a bit of self-pampering and calming at night. I don’t know about you, but my hands feel dryer than a pair of 1960’s leather pants after all these alcohol hand cleansers, so I use a thicker hand moisturiser at bedtime too.

Vaginal lubricants

As for my vagina, well that’s between me and my hubby, but there are a number of options to lubricate and moisturise which I’ll cover on our next blog. Using a vaginal lubricant could become a fun part of foreplay. Finally, we are all a bit excited here at Bolder Rocks that vaginal oestrogen will become available over the counter soon. Watch this space!

Inside out


In terms of “inside out”, hydration through regular drinking of fluids helps support not only our skin and mucous membranes, but other body systems too. Keeping alcohol to a sensible minimum moderation means less dehydration of our cells and surfaces. (More water, less wine. More tea, less tequila, sorry!)

Phyto-oestrogen food

Promoting the body’s natural exposure to oestrogen through eating foods that contain phyto-oestrogen can increase the amount of isoflavones (found in soy beans) and lignans (found in flaxseed, legumes, whole grains, vegetables and fruit) to support our mucosa “making music” again. Plant-based, Mediterranean and heart healthy eating approaches will be your biggest fans here.

In the mood

When it comes to the vaginal surfaces, taking more time with foreplay and getting more in the mood emotionally can help reach the right levels to getting almost as slippery when wet as when we watched Bon Jovi in the 80s and 90s.


And of course, there is the option of hormone replacement therapy which is a highly effective way to turn up that oestrogen volume again. Tuning up the amount of oestrogen to the right volume in the body again helps those mucous membranes “get their shine back” to keep jamming out that nice, slippery and soothing mucous. Maybe more like a sultry slow jazz session than a rock number, but hey, we can get down to that too.

Upside down?

Well whatever you’re into, here’s the magnificent Diana Ross grooving Glastonbury 2022 at 78.

The Magnificent Diana Ross (78) grooving at Glastonvury 2022. Video by BBC Music on Youtube 2022.

Keep grooving Sisters!

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